Continuing Education and learning & Lifelong Learning

Whether you’re looking to advance your career or jumpstart your business, pursue learning as an end in itself or as a vehicle to help you make a difference in the lives of others, Penn has a program that will enable you to gain the knowledge you need to get there.
English Language Programs
Penn ELP offers instruction in English as a second language and exposure to the cultures of the United States, as well as teacher training, testing, consulting services, and cross-cultural training.
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Graduate School of Education General Admission Program
General admission status is available to students who wish to enroll in training courses for personal or professional development without applying to a degree program.
Perelman School of Medicine Continuing Medical Schooling Program
CME provides healthcare professionals with up-to-date, clinically relevant, scientifically rigorous medical information with the goal of promoting excellence in all aspects of medical care and coordination, patient safety, and the effective use of resources.
School of Dental Medicine Continuing Training
With a commitment to advancing quality and leadership in lifelong learning, Penn Dental Medicine’s robust continuing instruction program includes symposia that bring together leaders in all fields of dental medicine.
School of Nursing Center for Professional Development
Consistent with Penn’s goals of linking theoretical and applied knowledge, Continuing Nursing Education enhances practice, administration, research, and theory that build upon the nursing schooling and experience students bring to the Center’s learning activities.
encourages lifelong learning through continuing studies and offers quality, diversified and flexible study pathways for personal enrichment or professional development.
Wharton Executive Education
Informed by in-depth academic research and the extensive industry experience of Wharton faculty, Wharton Executive Programs deliver knowledge for immediate and lasting impact, changing how executives view their leadership roles and the business opportunities ahead.
Aid for teen mothers continuing training
Aid for teenager moms continuing schooling
Help for teenager mothers continuing education and learning
Is continuous Schooling Ideal for My profession
Is continuing Education Ideal for My Vocation

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