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Hi i'm aliceToday I want to share with you What's in my bag 2019 editionWhy do you say that ~ ActuallyIt should be said that the contents of my bag are almost the same, without much change.Because it ’s like wallets, keys,Basically they are all the sameBecause these things are not so easy to breakMay let me use it for several years ~I really want to use them and I want to replace themSo basically the contents of my bag are the sameThis year is special because I went abroad twiceWent to Singapore and Hong KongI carried the same bag on both tripsSo I would like to share with you the travel version of What's in my bag todayTravel Edition_What's in my bagBy the way, I will share with you a few bags that I prefer to use recentlyIf you are interested in what's in my bag for 2019 travelLet's continue watchingRemind everyone before the video startsRemember to "subscribe" to my channel and "turn on the little bell" so you won't miss any videos.Like this video, remember to "like" the videoLet me know if you have any questionsIf you want to see more beauty life wear or bag sharingCan track my IG and FBThen we are ready to start ~Let me talk to you firstEveryone should have seen this bag very many times in (IG) photosMainly, I go abroad for my two trips.There is no such thing as a more exquisite small bag to make a matchSo when I was buying a bag, I was looking in the direction of (casual)Not sure about (Singapore & Hong Kong) law and order situationI always choose a bag I want based on a security premiseSo this time I want to share with you this oneIt's OUTDOOR's belt bagThe best bag is more personalThere is a zipper that can put everything in placeSo I want to say "Okay ~ since I want to be close"That is of course the waist bag pull ~Because you can tie your waist bagOr the way that is very popular now isStraight back on the bodySo I want to say "OK ~ then I'm looking for a pocket bag"But I have bought a NICO AND belt bag beforeThere are not many inner pockets in that pocketHis strap belongs to the relatively thin oneSo if you carry heavy things for a long timeIn fact, it will still be tiringWhat I have been looking for isThe inner pocket can be a little more.
There is an inner compartment that allows me to put my passportThe content should also be large enough but easy to carrySometimes ~ looking for a bag is a kindI'll find it if I have a fateIf you do n』t have a fate, you wo n』t be satisfied with everything.I ended up shopping in a department store * 3It's on saleIt has many colorsIt's a waist bag and you can adjust the length on both sidesThere is a large space to adjust the lengthThe same can be done hereSo no matter how tall you are, this bag is basically fine.Here is where I am most satisfiedWhat makes me think I know where to buy it isHave you seen this floorIt has an inner pocket that is close to the body(Close to the chest) here is a zipper layerThen the space of this zipper layer and the outer bag are not connected.I just want to say "It's best to have such a design ~"Because passport / money can be placed in a more personal placeIf someone wants to steal, they will also run into the innermost layer.
I carry my bag most of the timeSo the inner space is closest to meI feel that this design is really intimateSo I decided to start with this bagNow I will show you step by step what is insideThese are basically the things I bring every day when I go abroadThen let's open it one by one to see 囉First we look at the outsideIt also makes a zipperIt zips very wellMake a design outside to hide the zipperDoes not leave the zipper exposedSo also make a full secret designAfter opening it ~ Did you see anything full?Let ’s take a lookThis umbrella is very small and very easy to carryThis is the umbrella I have shared before unpacking on TaobaoIt's super convenient and super lightAnd then carry it wellBecause it ’s slender, it does n』t take up much spaceThis umbrella accompanied me on two trips to Hong Kong and SingaporeIf there is space in my bag,If it will rain, I will choose to bring this lightweight umbrellaBecause it rains a lot in Taiwan, I don't think I will regret buying this umbrellaCome again, must go abroadSunglassesWhy do i have to bring a shellBecause it doesn't have to be very sunny every daySo I only wear it under certain conditions or when the sun is strong(When not in use) I will not hang on my chest or put on my headStill worry about a turn around or other actionsFor safety, I will still prepare a glasses caseThis was attached when I bought itSo I want to say I can put it away when not in useThis brandA foreign brandI bought it on the Taiwan websiteIt seems to be a proxyCome again ~ This card holderI do n』t necessarily bringThe contents of the card holder will changeIt mainly contains some small earring cards and so on.Earrings are LUCY'SI wear sterling silver earrings that are the least sensitiveThe longest wearing timeSo usually I put 1-2 pairs in my card holderLet me sayI should wear an earring today. I can wear earrings at any time.
It is flat and small and easy to carryBehind me is your leisure cardI bought this card holder in SingaporeAt a souvenir shop similar to TaiwanI picked one out of three friendsIs a new card holderBought in SingaporeI'm not sure if there is a similar style in TaiwanComing ~ Next powderPressed powder doesn't have to be LancomeIt may also be from other brandsThen come again for a sunscreenSun protection may not be this one anyway, that is, I will also bring a sun protectionAfter all, is it necessary to apply sunscreen abroad?Next is a must-have power bank ~ OK?Going out to take pictures and half of my phone is deadOr you have to check the map. The phone is dead.
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Isn't it terrible ~ So .I also bring mobile powerWhat about this mobile power supply? I did n』t change it.Because it's not broken yet, this is itThe same ~~Their new version is smaller in amperage / capacityI'm not sure if I can buy this one nowI think this volume is too big and heavy for nowWhen I go abroad, I usually do n』t bring headphones.
Because there is no chance to use itBut the reason I still put it in isMost of the time I will take AIR PODS when I go outCome again ~ I have an environmentally friendly cup holder with a drink abroadDon't ask me where I bought this cup holderThis is a giftI just use it as a giftI think it works well and I use it all the wayAfter reading the outside mezzanineDo n』t you think it ’s loaded a lot?Come and see the back floorI'll put some travel gear behindPut in toilet paper and wet tissuesI will bring this little comb againFlat small comb for grooming at any timevery convenientDo you know where this little comb comes fromWhen I went to Park Zhiyan for a picosecond or a shuttleBecause hair is always usedSo there will be some spares for everyone to useI use it to comb my hair and blow itSo i just took it awayBecause I think this comb is very convenient and can be used repeatedly.Small size inside the bagAnytime you see that you have a fringe, you can do it like thisConvenient to make yourself beautifulNext is lip glossI will wear whatever I put on the daySo it may not be thisBut this is what I rub todayMAC's newest special moisturizing lipstickThis color is # 422This color is super beautiful ~If you want to see the complete test color, you can check it out at IG.Come again ~ thisIt's my passport folder and walletThis is also a wallet I shared in the Taobao loot beforeI think this leather is very texturedMy passport is in frontActually, I did n』t like to add another passport holder later.
Too often you need to take out your passport directly for useSo I just put my passport directly outsideThen, if there is a ticket . can be placed directly hereCome on the mezzanineYou can put some banknote receiptsThen here in the middle ~Can also put cardsThen you can put some change here ~It ’s better to go to SingaporeI can also install Taiwan and Singapore dollarsIs to use a sandwich to make a segmentI think it ’s convenient in terms of practicality.I think it ’s a little biggerBut it can fit completely into my pocketsYou see it is thick enoughSo you can put it inHere comes this pocket again. Now that I 』ve talked about this, I 』ll share it with youThere is also a mesh interlayer behind this waist bagThis mezzanine can hold private thingsSo if I do n』t have to take out my passport all the timeI can put it in this mezzanine separatelyThen zip upIf I want to get money, I just need to take out my walletI feel like this to meMy passport is close to where I amI won't say I keep it nakedI think this design is very convenient for meSo these two trips abroad are basically carrying this pocketAlso because of my relationshipNo surprise with this belt bagIf you feel more like a lady's dressI would not recommend matching this belt bagAlthough this waist pack is convenient and safe to carryBut if you want to look goodThis waist bag will be more casual (in terms of temperament), so it is not so suitableThis is the bag and things I will bring with me on both tripsBasically finishedNext, I will share two bags that I often carry recently.
One is this oneThis is a topologie waterproof bagWhy am I carrying this bag because of a typhoon a while ago?There is a relatively high frequency of rainSo I carry this bag outIs it water-resistant? So .Don't be afraid to say that the contents will get wetBecause this belt bag is made of this clothIt's not waterproofIn terms of security, this will not let the contents get wet.
(When it rains _ waist pack) then I have to protect my bodyThis one is also much larger than you thinkI used to take a photo of this bagYou can go and see how much it can actually holdThen you can make a different match according to your own dressI personally think it is really usefulYou see some of mine inside(XDD)Something insideIt's really beautiful to carryIt ’s also very casual.The bags currently shared are more casualIf you want to match some more formal clothes or dress running activities or other .I will carry this oneThai-designed bags bought by REESEThis bag is made of a cylindrical wide strapThe wide strap has an inexplicable appeal to meIts capacity is actually very large(The actual capacity photo on the right)It can hold so many things including the M50 I am shooting nowCan let goThis one can actually hold the camera, just the other stuff plugged in / bridge positionBut this can be completely put into the cameraIf you want to put a long clip and the camera in at the same time, there is no problem.It ’s just a little lessThe long clip can be put in without any problems.
The capacity of this bag is really largeThere is also an inner sandwichAnd then the zipperOverall, it is more ladylike. You can carry a bag like thisAnd this color is very versatileThis color is super prettyThis strap can be adjusted in lengthSo girls who are almost as tall as me (166CM) or petite girls can make adjustmentsI have adjusted one space down when I just received it.Mainly because I wish I could do __ cross-bodyThis crossbody is actually very convenient.Things are easy to get hereI later discovered that I like this cylindrical bagYou can put everything straightCan be seen at a glance and is easy to handleThe above is to share the bags and contents I will carry in the 2019 tourismAnd my favorite bag recentlyLike this video, remember to "like" the videoAlso remember to "subscribe" to my channelThen we will see the next video ~BYE ~

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