Types of Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction?   Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the losing ability to gain or maintain an erection while sexual intercourse is processing. This disease affects men relationship and also increases stress and men might become the patient of hypertension. This disease is related to the blood supply and because of this erectile dysfunction can cause any time irrespective of the age of man.
By proper treatment and some extra caring erectile dysfunction which is also known as impotence can be cured and sexual life can be brought on the proper track. It is required to follow proper health advises and some ED cure medications course to tackle this problem. According to blockage of blood flow in different parts, erectile dysfunction is categories into various types. Let’s take a look…

1) Arteriogenic Erectile Dysfunction – This type of erectile dysfunction occurs due to the problem in blood supply when it passes on from arteries. Arteries get narrow in this type which blocks blood supply to penis causes erection issues. This type of erectile dysfunction majorly occurred in aged men suffering from various connected diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. All these connected problems also contribute to the narrowing of arteries.

2) Venogenic Erectile Dysfunction – Due to blockage of the vein during sexual intercourse prevents blood reaching penile region causes erectile dysfunction. Sometimes blood leakage issues in the vein do not let blood supply passed into a penile area with sufficient quantity. This thing causes Venogenic erectile dysfunction. Research says this type erectile dysfunction occurs since the birth of the patient and does not let achieve a hard erection.

3) Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction –  Diabetes is the danger which creates a risk of other problems and proving this fact true diabetes also causes erectile dysfunction. Because of inconsistent sugar level, erectile dysfunction is the most commonly observed disease in diabetic patients. Diabetic patients required to control sugar level so that it can smooth-en the risk of impotence.

4) Neurogenic Erectile Dysfunction – This is the delicate type of erectile dysfunction associated with nerves. The occurrence of this type is because of damage to the nerves which controls arteries and veins and also maintain proper blood flow in the body and also helps to attain an erection. Any damage to penis and injury may cause nerve issue which can lead to Neurogenic Erectile Dysfunction.

According to damage points, there many other categories types of erectile dysfunction are there but these above mentioned are majorly observed. As there is no such critical case found because erectile dysfunction has no level when medications are taken such Caverta it brings proper erection which in proportion to the capacity of the patient.
Erectile dysfunction is not a much physical disease, many times it takes birth in mind and then spread arms and grip the man. But with some proper exercise, positive attitude and erectile dysfunction medicines like Vidalista, Fildena etc it can be easily cured. Also patient should make sure that he has never connected disease which may become welcoming factors for erectile dysfunction.
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