「艷 Exuberant」張子晴 2017全新創作個展|綠境藝廊-封面
  • 「艷 Exuberant」張子晴 2017全新創作個展|綠境藝廊-相關圖片
  • 「艷 Exuberant」張子晴 2017全新創作個展|綠境藝廊-相關圖片
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    綠境藝廊- 新生南路一段161巷15號

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    「艷 Exuberant」張子晴 2017全新創作個展 /// 2017 綠境藝廊迎新春賀歲首檔展覽.誠摯推薦 /// 開幕茶會 | 2017年1月21日(六) 15:00-19:00 展覽期間 | 2017年1月21日(六) 至 2月28日(二) 13:00-19:00 (免費開放參觀) ** 每週日、一公休,其他時段歡迎來電預約 (02)2703-8239,春節休館日 2017/1/25~2/1 ** 展覽地點 | 綠境藝廊Rhythm Gallery Taipei 台北市大安區新生南路一段161巷15號(捷運大安森林公園站6號出口)

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    蕭婷文 Tina Hsiao

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    (02)-2703823 蕭婷文 Tina Hsiao

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2017-01-21~2017-02-28 固定每日進行 13:00:00~19:00:00 綠境藝廊


「艷 Exuberant」張子晴 2017全新創作個展 

/// 2017 綠境藝廊迎新春賀歲首檔展覽.誠摯推薦 ///

貴賓預展 | 2017年1月20日(五) 18:30-21:00 (VIP邀請入場)
開幕茶會 | 2017年1月21日(六) 15:00-19:00
展覽期間 | 2017年1月21日(六) 至 2月28日(二) 13:00-19:00
 ** 每週日、一公休,其他時段歡迎來電預約 (02)2703-8239,春節休館日 2017/1/25~2/1 **

展覽地點 | 綠境藝廊Rhythm Gallery Taipei
「艷 Exuberant」2017 CHANG TZU-CHING Solo Exhibition 
During the two years from 2014 - 2016, artist Chang Tzu-Ching went through several important stages of life: marriage, pregnancy, giving birth, and raising a child. As this period of time brought inner conflict and turmoil and she struggled to handle the daily emotional rollercoaster, artwork served as a form of spiritual therapy. In 2017, she released "Exuberant," an all-new work, divided into four sections: Marriage, Pregnancy, Laughter, and Calm Lake. It describes the experience of marriage, having children, starting a family, and ultimately the struggle to overcome life's challenges and recover one's complete, independent self. "Marriage" and "Pregnancy" are set in different time periods, where the colors of the environment become part of the artwork. "Laughter" and "Calm Lake" symbolize a complete household, where the wife or mother plays an integral role. In the process, Chang learned that her emotions affect every member of the family, as her role brings great pressure and no compensation. She tries to strike a balance between time, space, mood, artwork, children, and household, employing a warm, rhythmic, and tactile style that comprehensively details the hardship and suffering of this part of life's journey. 
Chang Tzu-Ching is the youngest female artist represented by Rhythm Gallery as well as a rising star in the art community. At the end of 2016, her work was displayed at "An Exclusive Rhythm Show of CONTEMPORARY ARTS," an exhibition held by Rhythm Gallery in Seattle, where it received international attention and praise and was purchased by experts and business owners. Although a highly popular artist, Chang's work is poetic, as if one used a great quantity of paint and a warm tactile style to capture an ongoing emotion and atmosphere. It draws in the viewer, who becomes lost in the beauty of the picture.
VIP Preview | 18:30-21:00, Fri., Jan. 20, 2017
Opening | 15:00-19:00, Sat., Jan. 21, 2017
Duration | 13:00-19:00, Sat., Jan. 21, to Tue., Feb. 28, 2017
 (Closed by Chinese New Year Vacation around 2017.1.25~2.1)
Rhythm Gallery|No. 15, Lane 161, Sec. 1

Xinsheng South Rd., Taipei 106, Taiwan (MRT Daan Park Station Exit6)

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