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2016-01-23~2016-01-24跨日 22:30:00~03:00:00 Room18 Taipei


►UpBeat x Room18 Present: Dennis Sheperd

Sat. 01.23.2016 @ 18Lover

◆◆◆ 限量早鳥預售票:$550 (1 drink) ◆◆◆
派大星 0978-075-731
黃小強 0953-656-701

►Reservations: 0958 111 188

由 Trance雙人組 Double 6 成立的線上電音節目UpBeat 與 Room18 Taipei 所共同主理的派對活動【 UpBeat X Room18】

喜歡Trance的你(妳), 怎麼能錯過這場傳思派對呢?

Dennis Sheperd 


◤Dennis Sheperd◢

★全球指標派對 ASOT 指定嘉賓
★Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Above & Beyond 首選混音好手

提到Trance界的明日之星,“Dennis Sheperd” 絕對是浮上心頭的第一個名字。發跡於德國柏林,Dennis Sheperd不若一般DJ給人生硬冰冷的印象,他的曲風及作品更著重在情感上的穿透力; 跟隨他的音樂,感受他的旋律 ,除了血脈噴張的重低節拍外,同時也能感受到旋律與音樂交織所帶給靈魂深處的悸動。

演出足跡遍及全球各大夜店及音樂季,青年才俊的Dennis Sheperd更獲得Armin Van Buuren的賞識,力邀在全球指標派對ASOT 550擔任指定嘉賓,一舉獲得廣大迴響,便旋即於ASOT 600再度獲邀演出。

於2011年推出首張混音專輯,便一鳴驚人,吸引諸多頂尖製作人如Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Above & Beyond,Rank 1,tyDi 極力邀約合作。

經過多年演出經驗的洗禮及孕育,2015年再度推出第二張混音大碟 “Fight Your Fears”,其中和Trance界美聲女伶 Jes ,Christina Novelli,Ana Criado,以及 Katty Heath 攜手合作混音單曲。

Berlin-based, Dennis Sheperd is widely recognised as one of the rising stars of global trance music. The 28 year old DJ / producer, has seen his productions consistently supported by some of the biggest names in electronic music, including; Tiësto, Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten to name a few. Trance star, Gareth Emery recently described Dennis Sheperd as “definitely a hot name to watch".

As a DJ, Dennis Sheperd is seriously in demand. His mixing skills and innate ability to connect with clubbers, has seen him tearing up dancefloors in over 20 countries so far. He’s spun his unique blend of progressive trance at clubs and festivals in such diverse locations as Germany, Ibiza, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, USA, Canada, UK, Finland, Netherlands, Israel, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and many more.

Dennis has graced the decks alongside every big name in trance. His ‘future superstar‘ status has been confirmed by recent gigs such as, ASOT 550 in Den Bosch (Nertherlands), ASOT 600 in Sofia (Bulgaria – where he performed to over 6000 fans), Nature One mainstage in Kastellaun (Germany) and Mayday mainstage in Dortmund (Germany - where he performed to over 10,000 fans). Christmas 2013 will see him spread his trance message across Australia on a much anticipated tour, playing the country’s biggest clubs, including Home in Sydney.
2014 is set to be a huge year for Dennis Sheperd, as he launches his own record label, ‘A Tribute To Life‘, the name for which trance fans know and love him worldwide. He will release his highly anticipated second album on the label, alongside new single releases on other eminent labels, such as, Black Hole, How Trance Works (a collaboration with Ana Criado and Cold Blue; the official follow up to the global smash, ‘Fallen Angel‘) High Contrast Recordings (a collaboration with Rank 1) and Sola Recordings (a collaboration with Headstrong).

2014 will also see the launch of the first Dennis Sheperd radio show / podcast‚ also called, ‘A Tribute To Life‘. The show will include interactive features, exclusive new tracks and remixes and the best trance from around the world. It will broadcast on the first Monday of every month on the respected channel, Digitally Imported Trance.
Hailing originally from Essen in Germany, Dennis Sheperd announced his arrival on the global electronic music scene in 2007, with the original, ‘A Tribute to Life’, a statement underlining his unconditional, positive outlook, and a huge dancefloor hit, supported by some of the world’s biggest DJs. His credentials were further underlined by his subsequent signing to renowned label, Euphonic Records. Euphonic founders, Kyau & Albert called him, “Germany’s most promising newcomer in Progressive Trance”, a plaudit he quickly proved with three successful releases in 2009; Dennis Sheperd ‘Black Sun’ (Euphonic), tyDi & Dennis Sheperd ft. Marcie ‘Somehow’ (Armada Music), and Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue ‘Freefalling’ (High Contrast Recordings). These tracks were heavily supported in clubs and on radio around the world, winning a global fan base and guaranteeing Dennis Sheperd’s status as ‘one to watch’.

He won ‘Best New Artist of 2010‘ in his hometown of Essen, inspiring him to push his music career forwards, culminating in the release of his debut album ‘A Tribute To Life‘ in 2011 on High Contrast Recordings. This album made serious waves in the trance world, spawning the massive dancefloor hit, ‘Fallen Angel‘ ft Ana Criado, a geniune trance anthem that hit #1 in the Beatport Trance Chart. ‘Fallen Angel‘ remains a hugely popular track, sung along to by thousands of fans around the world when played by Dennis, and still a constant in the playlists of the biggest DJs in the scene. Other notable featured artists include Jonathan Mendelsohn on ‚ ‘Bring Me Back‘ and Molly Bancroft on, ‘Silence‘.

By the end of 2012, Dennis Sheperd had carved out a reputation as a trance DJ / Producer to be reckoned with. He mixed the second CD of the massive German Trance compilation ‘Technoclub’ and collaborated with Trance/Techno legend Talla 2XLC for the single release, ‘Two Worlds’. The promo video for ‘Two Worlds’ was shot at the ‘Technoclub’ album release party in Frankfurt. Further big collaborations followed in 2012, with Markus Schulz on ‘Go!’ a track that hit #2 in the Beatport Trance charts and with Ronski Speed on ‘Karoshi’.

It’s not just his productions and collaborations that have set dancefloors alight. Dennis Sheperd has established himself as a much in demand remixer. Artists who have requested his remix touch include Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery, Tiësto pres. Allure, Kyau & Albert, DJ Shog, tyDi and more. Expect more high quality remixes in 2014.

Dennis Sheperd is a man with electronic music flowing in his veins. His love for trance, together with his unquestionable skills as both DJ and producer, mean that he leads the new wave of producers destined to become demigods of the dancefloor in the very near future. Watch this space...

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dennissheperd
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/dennissheperdtv
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/dennissheperd
Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/dennissheperd


◤Double 6◢

線上電音節目[UpBeat]主理人「Double 6」

“1+1>2”的概念,在DOUBLE 6的身上,看到最完美的呈現。

由 Dennis 以及Richard 組成的雙人DJ團體-DOUBLE 6,是目前亞州極速竄紅的trance DJ組合。曾與許多國際知名DJ&歌手如 Emma Hewitt, Omnia, Heatbeat, Fiora, Talla 2XLC, Max Graham, Richard Durrand同台演出。能在如此短的時間內,累積廣大樂迷,感動眾多舞客,靠的是對於各種trance曲風的嫻熟融和技巧:Uplifting trance與Progressive trance兼容並蓄;同時對於Vocal trance,兩人又擁有相同的堅持與熱愛。

成就DOUBLE 6的幕後推手之一,就是台灣Trance教父Joe Ho。在一次的因緣際會下,DOUBLE 6向Joe Ho拜師學藝,也從此開啟了通往trance世界的大門;同時也開啟了身為舞客的我們,能夠享有沈醉於DOUBLE 6音樂的美好契機。

DOUBLE 6在2011年創立了線上電音節目UpBeat;更進一步在2013年,和台灣頂級夜店Room18 Taipei合作,創辦了UpBeat x Room18等一系列電音派對,著力於分享及推廣trance music,讓更多人認識,並進而愛上由DOUBLE 6帶來的嶄新派對體驗。

在現場聆聽DOUBLE 6的音樂,其高超的混音手法,細膩的選曲技巧,及高具渲染力的氛圍,一次又一次感動所有人!一場場的派對,每每皆觸動人心!如果你現在還不認識DOUBLE 6,請絕對不要錯過這股由DOUBLE 6開啟的電音新浪潮!

The music saves my soul ; DOUBLE 6 saves my night!



在舞台上與無數國內外知名DJ Max Graham, Bobin, Talla 2XLC, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Heatbeat, Tomas Heredia 同台演出的 DJ Mau,累積10多年夜店駐場及商演活動經歷,曾多次受邀至各地知名夜店如台北 Luxy Pluse, Room 18, Baby 18, 台中 X-Cube, Paris, Rave,高雄 Muse 參演,也參與大型音樂祭派對如高雄 Black黑派對, 台南 Dance Port電音港, 墾丁春吶 春潮電音派對等等活動演出。擅長類型以富有情感氛圍的Trance為主,混搭金屬感Electro音色及Tech元素基底,表現出充滿能量與衝勁的個人特色。

Has shared the stage with the international likes of Max Graham , Bobin, Talla 2XLC , Giuseppe Ottaviani, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Tomas Heredia and Heartbeat. With over 10 years experience with residencies and festivals all around, been invited to DJ all around the best clubs in the world including Taipei’s Luxy , Room 18 , Baby 18 , Taichung’s X-Cube and Paris. DJ Mau has been major part of big festivals and major parties like Kaohsiung’s Black Party , Dance Port , Electric Circus Music Festival, and has even organised his own big festival Spring Tide from 2011-2015.

Genres from Electro House / Progressive House / Trance till club worthy EDM can be mixed without flaw. Despite his heart having a fiery passion for Trance , he likes to mix things up with a bit of metallic sounding Electro with a touch of hard hitting Tech bass. Always having so much passion and energy on stage.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Mau/120971434749227?fref=ts
Podomatic: http://mjmomo2000.podomatic.com/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/mjmomo2000



1. 未滿18 歲不得入場。
2. 入場需出示合法身分證明文件(不含國際學生證)
3. 禁止攜帶外食、飲料等入場。
4. 請注意服儀、男士物穿著短褲穿著拖鞋入場。
5. 嚴禁攜帶任何槍械、刀械、棍棒等物品進入,如經查獲一律送警處理。
6. 嚴禁攜帶、吸食、販賣交易任何管制藥品,如經查獲一律送警處理。
7. 嚴禁違法行為及影響其他消費者之權益,本單位有權驅逐於場外,並不得在入場。
8. ROOM18 Taipei 保留取消及變更優惠之權利

Dennis Sheperd 

▲ 主辦單位保留活動更改與異動之權利,活動內容依主辦單位更新為準。

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