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    谷關溫泉區 - 台中市和平區

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日期 時間類型 地點 費用 通知
2016-04-16 單日 06:00:00~12:00:00 谷關溫泉區
2016-04-17 單日 05:00:00~12:00:00 谷關溫泉區



【活動簡章 - 請詳閱 ( 本活動無寄物服務 )】
Race Information


To promote Taiwan Guguan’s beautiful scenery, the forest routes.
To promote environmental Ultra Trail, self supply ultra trail running culture.

Organizer :

Taiwan Ultra Runners

Date :

2016年04月16日 06:00 。
2016 April 16. 06:00 AM 

2016年04月17日 05:00 。
2016 April 17. 05:00 AM 

Event Location :

台中市松鶴神農谷(Godvalley of Taichung)
(台中市和平區東關路一段松鶴三巷100號之8 電話 : 04-25942938)
No.100-8, Songhe 3rd Ln., Sec. 1, Dongguan Rd., Heping Dist., Taichung City 424, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone: 04-25942938

Race Routes :

TAB : (ITRA-3) (32km +3650m) 
神農谷(Godvalley 685m)→ 唐麻丹山(Tomatan 1305m)→ 阿冷山前峰(A Leng Peak 1520m)→
白毛山(Baimao 1522m)→ 阿冷山前峰(A Leng Peak 1520m)→ 唐麻丹山(Tomatan 1305m)→ 
神農谷(Godvalley 685m)

BWT : (ITRA-3) (44km +3260m) 
神農谷(Godvalley 685m)→ 波津加山(Hatsuka 1772m)→ 船形山(Chuan Hsing 2274m)→ 
稍來山(Shaolai 2307m)→ 屋我尾山(Yagao 1796m)→ 東卯山(Tobou 1690m)→ 
神農谷(Godvalley 685m)

路線圖 : (請以電腦版查看, 不是手機版本喲 !)
(大會提供詳細GPS 電腦檔,選手需自備 GPS 裝置)
Routes Map: (This is only computer version, not mobile version)
Organizer provide GPS Map, participants must bring GPS devices for self navigation

完整GPX 檔下載 : (Email 提供給完成繳費的跑友)
Complete GPX file send by Email

Registration Details : 

(一) 報名日期:2016年01月11日 05:00 起至2016年01月15日11:30止(以時間戳記為準)。
或額滿將提前截止,限 100人。
Registration Date: 2016 05:00am January 11 until 11:30am January 15th (all according to the registration time cut off or when 100 participants slot is filled).

(二) 報名費:
Fee : 

TAB + BWT + Bed + dinner : 
1700 NT

TAB : (ITRA-3) (32km +3650m) 
500 NT / 1000 NT

BWT : (ITRA-3) (44km +3260m) 
500 NT / 1000 NT

(三) 一律網路報名: 不接受現場報名。
All registration process through internet and we do not accept on site registration.

(四) 參加資格:

凡身心健康,年齡 60 歲(含)以下,對路跑有興趣之中外人士,均可報名參加。
Healthy, age of 60 or below, interested in ultra trail.
This route is considered to be dangerous, participants must evaluate all possibilities including self health.

(五) 完成報名手續(繳費完成者),不得以任何理由要求退費或更名取代,請慎重考慮!
Those who completed registration (those who completed payment) will not be able to receive refund nor cancellation. 
Please consider thoroughly before registration.

(六) 活動聯絡人:
Organizer contact :

FB帳號: Bill Ku
聯絡電話 : 0928-621-236
如有任何問題,請於上班時間:09:00~12:00 及 13:00~16:00 來電,或以E-mail : bill.yesmetoo@gmail.com 聯絡。

Bill Ku
FB: Bill Ku
Mobile: 0928-621-236
Organizer contact period: 09:00am-12:00 noon and 13:00-16:00.
Or email bill.yesmetoo@gmail.com

(七) 本活動不分年齡組別,無完成獎牌,
僅提供完走證書(電子檔 JPG格式)於自助超馬相本中供參賽者自行下載。 
This event will not be categorized as age group. Finisher will only receive electronic certificate and will need to download from organizer FB.

Award :

We encourage participants to try to finish the race, thus, we will award each finisher Certificate.

Event Location:

2016年04月16日(星期六 )04:00 ~ 05:00 
04:00 ~ 05:00 April 16th, 2016 (Saturday)

2016年04月17日(星期日 )03:00 ~ 04:00 
03:00 ~ 04:00 April 17th, 2016 (Sunday)

台中市松鶴神農谷(Godvalley of Taichung)
(台中市和平區東關路一段松鶴三巷100號之8 電話 : 04-25942938)
No.100-8, Songhe 3rd Ln., Sec. 1, Dongguan Rd., Heping Dist., Taichung City 424, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone: 04-25942938

Rules and Regulations :

(一) 路線距離、海拔高度參考、補給位置 和 關門點 時間 :
Routes distance、Elevation Chart、Refreshments and Cutoff Time :

Referrence and download .


No any indicators on the route, only mountaineering cloth, participants must be familiar with the route map beforehand.

終點 :
End Point :

TAB : 12 hr

BWT : 15 hr

無法完成全程之選手,請自行經 台 8 線步行 返回終點。
for those who do not reach within the time limit, participants need to find ways to go back to the end point through Taiwan Express 8 lane

(二) 【起跑前60分鐘一對一檢查】跑者隨身攜帶強制性裝備如下,且最低重量不得少於 2.5 公斤,全程不得低於 1.5 公斤,各檢核點或補給站均可隨時抽查強制性裝備和重量,如有不符合要求者,立即喪失參加資格: 


1. 路線地圖,你可由主辦單位寄發的 Email 中收到 GPX 地圖檔,安裝於手機導航軟體中 如 Maps.Me,ViewRanger...等並熟悉其操作。

2. 個人環保杯,最少 150 cc 容量,各補給站將不提供水杯。

3. 水,各站出發前不得少於 1.5 公升(含起點)。

4. 個人食物。

5. 兩組頭燈(含備用電池) 

6. 急救毯 (最小尺寸至少 130 公分 x 200 公分)

7. 哨子

8. 手套

9. 膠帶 (最小長度至少 80 公分 x 3 公分寬) ,用於緊急情況,如鞋子、衣褲、背包...等破損、或骨折固定之類。

10. 防水防風衣褲或輕便雨衣。

11.個人簡易急救包 (如彈性繃帶、消毒藥品...等)

12.健保卡或海外旅遊意外險保單 (外籍人士)



* 以上強制性裝備只是最低需求,您將會在山徑上經過兩天兩夜 (Middle 和 Basis 組是一天一夜) 嚴苛的環境下活動,所以請確實做好您自身的安全和福祉,並自行增添額外的裝備。 (例如你可以開始出發時穿短袖和短褲,但你必須隨身攜帶的足以保暖的衣物。)

Once your mandatory equipment has been checked by race staff, you may not change them after that. The weight of your equipment must be a minimum of 2.5kg at the start of the race. Your equipment must weigh a minimum of 1.5kg at all times along the race course. There will be an equipment check during the race. If you do not have the mandatory equipment, you will be disqualified from the race.

You are responsible for bringing clothing/gear that provides adequate warmth and rain protection. Make sure you’ve trained with the gear that you intend to use during the race up in the mountains at high altitude, as well as in heavy rain (these are the conditions you may encounter during the race). Make absolutely sure that your clothing/gear will protect you under these severe conditions. You will be required to show your gear at the mandatory equipment check, however, you will be responsible for deciding whether your clothing/gear is adequate to protect you during the race.

1. Course map. You can received GPX files from Organizer Email, installed in mobile navigation off-line map software in such as Maps.Me, ViewRanger ... and so on and are familiar with its operation.
You must ensure that the phone is fully charged before start and carry separate power. Checks at each checkpoint when the phone can not be rendered without electricity or power.

2. Personal cup for hot/cold drinks at aid stations (minimum 150cc size). Paper cups will not be provided at the aid stations.

3. Water (you must carry a minimum of 1.5L of water at the start line and upon leaving each aid station)

4. Food

5. 2 lights with replacement batteries for both lights.

6. Survival blanket (minimum size of 130cm x 200cm)

7. Whistle

8. Gloves

9. Adhesive elastic tape/band (minimum length of 80cm x 3cm)
Bring strong tape that can be used during emergencies such as injuries (e.g. broken bones) as well as emergency repairs (e.g broken equipment)

10.Waterproof rain jacket with hood & rain pants or light rain coat.

11.First aid kit (such as band aids, disinfectant, etc)

12.Health card or Overseas travel/accident insurance policy .

13.At least 300NT.

14.Backpack or rucksack to store all mandatory equipments and other strongly recommended equipments (see following).

* The mandatory equipment list provided here is only the minimum. You will be running in severe conditions for two days and one night (one day and one night for the "Middle & Basis") so please ensure that you are well-prepared to manage your own safety and well-being and bring additional gear that you may need to do so. (You may start the race wearing short sleeves and shorts (i.e. you do not have to wear the mandatory clothing), however you must carry with you the mandatory clothing with you at all times.

(三) 寄物與其他相關事項:
Luggage storage and others :

有 : 折返檢核、完成證書(電子檔)、NFC 晶片計時。
沒有 : 寄物、拱門、帳棚、更衣室、流動廁所、巡迴裁判、救護站。
Yes : return CP check, e-certificate, NFC chips time check
No : Organizer provide luggage storage, Toilet, tent, medical supply, on site real time route patrol

(四) 活動開始時間:
Race Starts : 

為 06:00 / 05:00 起跑,請選手自行調配飲食,保持體能最佳狀態。
Personal equipment check : 60 minutes before race starts. If equipments are not checked nor adequate : participant may not allow to start the race.
Race starts at 06:00 / 05:00 , participants must carry adequate food/liquid supply.

(五) 參加人員務必考量本身之健康狀況,活動期間若發生任何意外事件,跑者應自行負責。
Participants must carefully evaluate self ability and self health before joining this race. Ultimately also be a responsible runner

(六) 活動已為參加人員投保旅行平安保險(每位選手意外險100萬),對於跑者本身疾患引起之病症不在承保範圍內,而旅行平安保險只因意外所受之傷害做理賠。(所有細節依投保公司之保險契約為準),參加人員如另有需要,請自行辦理個人人身意外保險等。
Organizer has insured for each individual for accidental insurance of 1M NT. Organizer will not responsible for participant’s inherited illness. And insurance will not be responsible for the undisclosed illness such as heat exhaustion or heart related failure.

(七) 活動雨天照常舉行,如遇海陸上颱風警報或不可抗力之天然災害,為考量參與者安全,主辦單位有權宣布取消、延期或調整活動路線。
The event will continue to be hold during the rainy days UNLESS should there be any government announced typhoon warnings and with the organizer’ safety concern for cancellation. Organizer has the right to alter and adjust the routes for safety concern.

(八) 參加人員清楚瞭解長距離跑步風險,也已詳閱簡章內容,所填寫資料內容無誤,保證本人身心健康,自願參加該活動,活動期間若發生任何意外事件,本人願負全責,概與主辦單位無關。
Organizer urges all the participants should understand the risk of ultra trail running. All the information has been disclosed within this race information. This event again is to promote healthy, environmental awareness ultra trail running in which we should all evaluate our abilities and health. And each participant must be responsible for his or her safety.

自助式超馬 --> 活動 FB官網 公佈;若有未盡事宜,
Organizer will continue to announce further information. Participants must continue to pay attention to our link or website FB Taiwan Ultra Runners.

▲ 主辦單位保留活動更改與異動之權利,活動內容依主辦單位更新為準。
▲ 更多訊息待公佈,城市通小編持續為您追蹤、更新!




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