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Hello everyoneI'm Terrencefounder of MadBackPacks Tactical Outdoorapologies for not making a propper introduction till nowmy last job gave me a bad habbit of hiding myselfif you've been following us you might have noticedthat the people in out past photots have been censoredI'm beginning to change this habbitand hope to sharemore thingssuch as my knowledge and expertisethrough videoslet me first introduce myselfand later on the origin of MadBackPacksas well as our beliefsstarting from my past jobsother than internships and part timemy frist long term job was as a photographerand next up a soldierI was quite lucky in the sense thatthe 5 years that I served in the militarywas in special forcesit may seem like a long timebut the training and selection processtook more than 1 yearthe selection criteria was very strictfrom all the 60 volunteersonly 4 passed the fnal testfrom everything we learntmountaineering and trekking were the basicsfor examplethe pack we carried for mountaineeringwould be 2 to 3 times normal weightwe usually carried 40~50 kg or abovenot including weapons or protectionso we had to knowwhat walking methods would be saferfor our legsso that we could efficientlyand safely complete our tasksnext upwater bodiesbeaches were regular sitesfor us to hone our diving skillswith or without equipmentor even specialized equipmentthese are all the most basic coursesyou might have seen on TVbeing tied up and put underwaterthis training for usis actually one of the easiest onesso you can just imagine our other challengesat this point mountaineering andtrekking are basically muscule memoryit also became my intrest and hobbyif we use a more down to Earth point of viewit would bemountain climbingriver trekkingscuba divingand rock scalingthese are all calledoutdoor skillsbut it's actually very connected to militaryso after retiring as a soldiermy first job was as a porterand then a mountaineering tour leaderduring this 2~3 year periodMadBackPacks slowly came to beingfrom military, to tour leaderone thing always stayed with meand that was, my packa huge one at thatmore than 100 literstake a look at our logoit's a running person carrying a packI used to carry that huge packthere were no carsso when we took the Metro my packwould actually get stuck on the doortherefor for many yearspeople would gawk at my gigantic pack on the way to workwhich, due to my job, work would be everywhereso how did that become sales?simply putmuch of the special forces equipmentfrom packs to tactical gearwere mostly purchased by ourselvesbefore buying we would researchand start from the lowest teirsand slowly, working our way upuntil we got to the top tier gearafter years and years of gathering all these equipmentI realized that I had an entire level of my housefull of outdoor related equipmentand therefore I put them allon the internet to sellI didn't start with profit in mindinstead just to clear out the extra equipmentbut after some time I noticed there were actuallyquite a lot of people intrested in these equipmentand many people requested we importgoods from foreign countriesall goods we import are used by the militaryfrom American to Europenall of the highest quallityand the attention to detailand I believe this is one of thereasons people like military goodsbecause it lasts long, and does it's job wellmilitary and outdoor equipment are very closemany skills were originally designed for military useonly after time, did it become open to civiliansfor example the brand GORE-TEXit was originally planned for the U.S. armywaterproof but breathablea classic feature of outdoor gearall these were designed for military use in the beginningso military outdoor is a great themebecause they are essentially the same thingwe also started our online sales systemand through our American army friendsimported some authentic American productsand by doing so, gained the likings of more and more peopleafter that we opened our first bricks and mortar storewhich was very special because it wasmerely a storage in front of our housenow you may have seen this beforeit's just the plastic storages that you see in Costcossmaller than a garagebut surprisingly we fit everything we had insideeach and every product was rare and expensiveI'm sure our long time followers will be surprised seeing thisalthough it's only been 2~3 yearsback then you had to reservejust to come and look at the products insidevery quickly this storage became too small to fit everythingoriginally it was only big enought to fit 1~2 peopleafter some time we started looking for a new shopdue to financial problems we finally settled atZhongshan North Rd in Taipeiin a very small allyone that even cars can't passwe rented a roughly 15 square metersat the time it was more than enough for usthough it wasn't attention grabbingwe were very happy working therebecause we actually had a building for a shopafter a whilewe started to encounter some unimaginable thingsfor example a customer favorite Mystery Ranchwe were selling it before they had an agent in TaiwanI loved this brand so much thatwhen it's founder came to TaiwanI participated his eventand when they opened their flagship store in TaiwanI became a regular customerhowever upon asking for permission to sellthey declinedwe even went to the flagship storeto buy originally priced merchto share with everyone in our shopbut one day, when I picked out some itemsand went to the cashierthe clerk said they can't sell merch to me because we had a storewe couldn't even purchase products from themhere's a screenshot of an E-mail I wrote to themand all they said was they just can't sell to usat the time I felt very frustratedbecuase the brand was a favorite of mineand a well known military manufactureralthought we kept getting blocked in this situationwe had many friends in Amercian special forcesand that brand had special editions designed for themso many of the imported products we haveare actually from Americans currently serving in the militaryand that's a specialty of oursour products are all genuinely military gradeother than Mystery Ranchthere are many more great military brandsincluding some small studioswe try to import good products for our clientsafter a year of maintaining our shop in the allywe found another small shop nearbyso we had 2 stores at the same timemany passers by saw our signage and got to know our brandand once again, we encountered some more unimagineable thingswe sell many brandssome of which are bought from Taiwan agentsto sell in our shopone of the productswe hosted a pre-order eventfor a pair of European branded bootsmost Western military only wear black and brown bootsbut here in Taiwan, we wear dark greenwe ordered a pair from the R.
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O.C army as a sampleand sent it to Europe for productionthe pre-order event at the time had a very positive feedbackthanks to all the supportwe got 600 orders in the endso we sent the numbers to the agentafter about a monthwe recived a letter cancelling all transactions between partiesI kept wondering why they sent this after working together so wellmy biggest worry washow we were going to tell the 600 people who pre-orderedso I called the manager of the agency"you need to wire all the money to us then we'll ship the merch to you"so he said if we wanted the 600 pairs of bootsI had to pay the total fees before they would ship the productsthis was completely different with our original contractanyone with sense will know that this is very un-trustworthybecause all trade should follow the contractand the contract should not be changed over 1 new transactionso it was a method to make us unable to recive the merch600 pairs x 4,000 NT per pairyou can imagine how hard it is coming up with 2,400,000 NTusually we would pay a portion of the pricehave 30 days to sell this merch to pay back what's owedand this point in the contract, got removed completelytherefore the transaction was basically cancelledsome time after stopping all coopreationthis agency started selling this product themselvesand this company's name will be kept secret for respectafter this incedent I learnt a lotI'm also thankful to the parties that made gave us hard timesbecause of them, I gained experiencesoon after, we imported many products ourselvescontacted factoriesproduced some unique productsby lowering our import costs, we can bring you better bargainsand we can design our own productsand thirdly we can avoid many problems from happeningfrom the beginning till noweverything was truly un-imaginablesince we really are a small shopwe always get picked on by bigger firmsno matter if it's behind our backs or directlynow that we've made it to XimentingI believe we are becoming betterfrom productsto our shopor even the service of our employeesother than products and servicecoming back to the spirit of outdooringwe plan to do a series of introductions, unboxingsto share more outdoor knowledge to everyoneso you will be seeing more of me in our future videosI will use my resources to share this to you allso more people can understand and participate in outdoors.

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