Gaining Experience From UAV Express

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a unmanned aircraft which uses wireless remote control device and program
control autonomous device to manipulate, at present, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular vocabulary. Speaking of UAV, the remote control aircraft scenarios will spring to many people’s mind. In fact, the appearance of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is varied, and the function is also different. Today we will talk about the delivery function of UAV.
Currently, delivering with UAV, more and more companies have put it into practice. The internet giants, including Google and amazon, are the aggressive promoters of the  application. Relative reports showed that amazon has carried out the delivery with UAV in Canada, England and Netherlands and so on.
Actually, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) express can not only be carried out in developed countries, it can also be pushed in less developed countries. Not long ago the media reported the Rwandan government was pushing UAV express project, aiming to replace the motorcycle with UAV to complete the transport of medicines and other supplies. It is said that Rwanda drug transport relies on motorcycle to a large extent due of the lack of paved roads, but limited to the speed of the motorcycle, people who need medicine rescue will have to wait for a long time. Therefore, Rwandan government cooperate with American corporation Zipline, try to transport blood and other drugs with UAV.
It is worth mentioning that the cost of UAV express is less than that of traditional way in addition to the great improvement in transport efficiency, which is very surprising. Zipline company said that UAV Courier fee will be cheaper than the current motorcycle Courier. Faced with such a highly efficient and low cost mode of transportation, is there any reason for us to say no to it?
It is important to note that during the flight,  cruising power is of great significance, therefore, UAV needs to be equipped with a high quality and high efficiency battery, nowadays, GreatMax UAV battery is extensively applied in various unmanned aerial vehicles. If you would like to know more about UAV battery, you may visit our website.


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