Chongyang Bamboo Shoots

  I believe that you now have a basic knowledge of wild osmanthus-scented honey through the last chapter introduction, this chapter will turn to a kind of new species--chongyang Bamboo Shoots. Here secretly tell you a little secret: We not only have snacks for eating, also have something for use: that is all kinds of batteries, our brand is GreatMax. Follow us, and you will know about many different and fresh information, thus will expand your horizon.
Chongyang bamboo shoots is a local specialty of Chongyang County Xianning City in Hubei Province. Hubei Chongyang is known as “Bamboo Village of the Southern Hubei”, the cultivation of bamboo in Chongyang has a long history, bamboo culture is of long standing and well established, bamboo resource is of giant-scale. Ruifa Biological Engineering Co., LTD was exactly taking advantage of this unique condition, employing natural bamboo shoots in the remote mountains as raw materials, utilizing modern first-rate processing technology to manufacture bamboo shoots series of products: dried bamboo shoots, wet bamboo shoots, seasoned bamboo shoots, etc. Currently, “Tiancheng” brand and “Ruifa” brand bamboo shoots series of products are as the forest vegetable rookie and green health food, popular in urban and rural markets, inside and outside the Great Wall.
Bamboo shoots is the forest vegetable rookie, a pure natural green health food, not only delicious in taste, rich in nutrition, but also have a variety of medical and health care function. The nutritionists and medical experts have confirmed that every 100 grams of bamboo shoots contain protein 2.74 grams , fat 0.52grams, the total sugar 3.54 grams and 18 kinds of amino acids, is good diet food and body-building food, the fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis, conducive to digestion and excretion,  reducing the retention and absorption of the harmful substances in the intestinal tract. The combination of bamboo shoots fiber with human fatty acids can prevent the formation of excessive cholesterol in plasma. Bamboo shoots also possesses the efficacy of clearing internal heat, reducing phlegm, diminishing inflammation, inducting diuresis, it has some dietary therapy effect to lung heat, cough, edema, ascites, diabetes, high blood pressure, constipation etc. The abundant tyrosine contained in bamboo shoots can inhibit the growth and spread of cancel cells.
At present, Chongyang county bamboo shoots base has evolved to 30 thousand  mu. Provincial Planning Commission and Provincial Forestry Bureau have organized to review. Counting by 2000 kilograms fresh bamboo shoots yield per mu, drying 10 jin of fresh bamboo shoots can generate 1 jin dried bamboo shoots and dried bamboo shoots is sold at 15 yuan per jin, 30 thousand mu can produce fresh bamboo shoots 60 thousand tons annually, dried bamboo shoots 6000 tons, and will continue to enlarge the scale.
This is the end of chongyang bamboo shoots, if you are enthusiastic about various snacks, please don’t go away! As we said in preceding part of the text that we have all kinds of batteries, so which kinds of batteries we have? Lithium Polymer Battery, lithium li-ion battery and Lighting Battery, etc. These are only small part of battery cell, and we will give you more detailed introduction later.

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